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- black matte carton box with UV varnish orange logo

- black matte inside ready to give an white autograph

- CD hidden in graphic covered envelope

- A2 size poster with ThremiT's members artwork


Avarage review note for "Saints" LP is 92%


Metal Hammer Poland: "(…)it’s beyond comprehension. The fact, that a record of this fantastic quality has to be released by the band itself. It might be a proof that the metal market has reached its bottom” - Rafal Monastyrski. Note: 5/5. Paper version... "(…) it might be one of the best records of 2016 on European scale. Not to mention Poland" - Jeremi Kolecki. Note: 10/10. Read here...


Tulumcodex: "(...) They courageously use purely classic forms based on well-known bettermost patterns, not being involved in modern genres. In such a way, they proved there is always something to offer if you can, there are mechanisms that let the musicians convert something once intended to their own ideas." - Tlacaxipehualiztli. Note: 94/100. Read here...


Jenny Tate's Blog: "(...) A melodically magical, metallically transcendental journey through speed/power heaven. One listen will hook you and you’ll want this for life." - Jenny Tate. Note: 10/10. Read here...


Don's Metal Reviews: "(...) Once again the rhythms on display are pure adrenaline-releasing patterns straight from the late 80s Bay Area, propelling this along with quite furious and energetic riffing that really keeps these songs blazing along at rather fast tempos." - Don. Note: 90/100. Read here...


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